Reinforcement learning for trading

Reinforcement learning can lead to fantastic results in finance, however the knowledge to execute is locked behind closed doors. We're a group of engineers who got together to offer our expertise. We provide consulting services and access to some of our projects.


Why us?

We trade our models

When it comes to models we're confident enough to trade our own funds and good enough to make a profit. Our reinforcement learning models are currently trading on Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange. The graph below shows you the real world performance of our model:


Our team have experience building and deploying trading systems and machine learning models for companies in the United States, Hong Kong and Australia. From satellite analytics to trading data feeds our team has you covered.

Our work

Check out our teams github projects for public examples of our work. A cryptocurrency exchange market data feed handler and reinforcement learning environment for portfolio management

The above chart shows the performance of our reinforcement learning agent on Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange. The agent allocated a portfolio among a basket of cryptocurrencies with the returns are measured in bitcoin not dollars.

Meet our Team

Gavin's face

Gavin Chan

Chief Trading Officer. Experienced in quant development in trading industry. Gavin works on the design of the trading system, including market data, portfolio allocation and market access.

Mike's face

Michael Clark

Taking his Masters in Petroleum Geoscience, he left the oilfields for the data centers of machine learning. With years of experience in machine learning consulting where he deployed productions models. Mike serves as our CEO.

Anthony's face

Anthony DiPofi

With more than a decade of programming experience, and having worked as a researcher in the field of chaotic systems and symbolic dynamics, he now uses his considerable investigative skills in the design and development of reinforcement learning solutions as our Chief Data Scientist.

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